Sunday, 29 June 2014

Gimme Brow Review

Last month I had my usual wax and shape at the benefit brow bar, whilst there i bought a few products and this little beauty was one of them! I have been hearing so much about 'Gimme BROW' on social media and other blogs that i thought i really must try it! The shop assistant described the product to me as 'a fibre gel that you brush on to your eyebrows acting like a tinting gel making your eyebrows appear fuller' the product also claims to be long wearing and smudge proof! - which i can confirm! 

I use Gimme Brow to set my brows in my place and to thicken the appearance of the hairs.The brush on this product is so precise that you can really brush the hairs into place the gel is so good that they won't fall  out of place through out your day, i find i can create even more of an arch with the gel quite effortlessly. What i like about this product is i don't smudge or ruin it like i do when using a pencil. I often find i will smear or smudge a penciled in eyebrow although this pigmented gel stays perfectly.

Gimme Brow is available in two colours - light/medium and medium/deep and I use the colour medium/deep  I find this colour is perfect for brunette and quite dark shades although i would use the lighter shade if i wanted a more subtle effect rather than the defined look i currently go for. The Gimme brow is now a firm favourite of mine and i use it everyday! 

What do you think about this product? Have you tried it?
Madge x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Madge's Magic Hair Care!

I am a bit over the top with keeping my hair healthy i think this stems from the continuous want (need) for longer hair! In my eyes if i keep my hair ultra healthy it will grow quicker, i get a trim every 4 weeks and stick to a hair care regime which I'm going to let you in on! 

After years of loving all Aussie products i was surprised to find another that completely swayed my buying habits (other than my Argon oil phase), my now ultimate fave hair care is a brand called OSMO! I have been obsessed with it for over a year now, trial and testing each product they have to offer! Although my favourite of them all is the 'Deep Moisturising' collection! I know you should change up your hair care every 6-8 weeks but if it works why fix it right!? - something like that away!...It has honestly done my hair absolute wonders! I mean i don't have repunzal hair just yet, but i must say its pretty darn glossy, not to mention silky smooth! ;)

I use both the shampoo and conditioner religiously and i also spritz my hair after washes with their luscious spray! If i am feeling particularly  adventurous for example having a pamper sesh i will go the whole hog and use the repair mask which is a dream! 

Overall i would describe the products as being deeply moisturising, and best used on tired, stressed, or mega thirsty hair! Osmo deep moisturising products will help strengthen and reconstruct damaged hair without weighing it down! The extracts of Patchouli and Ylang Ylang combine to leave the hair silky soft and shiny, not to mention the gorgeous sweet scent  of coconut that comes with it! ...I love the coconut scent so I'm sold!

So if your looking for a moisture boost or want to switch up your hair care to something new i would highly recommend my current favourite! Let me know what you think, have you tried any other Osmo products!?

Madge x

Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Pamper routine

Sundays are for relaxing! Thats why i like to use my sunday evenings having a bit of a pamper, preparing  myself for the week ahead! So to get in the mood i always light a candle or in this case i melted the lovely clean cotton tart from Yankee Candle, this is a really pure simple and relaxing scent that is perfect for a relaxed sunday mood! Other aromas that are good for pamper nights i like to use are green tea and lemon or white musk fragrance oils from the body shop!

I then move onto the pampering run a bath and make sure i pop one of my favourite Lush bath bombs in such as butterball! I like to play music such as Lana del Ray or The weekend as i soak because they are both really chilled and get me in the relaxed mood  (i also am in love with both of them slightly! haha)! When I'm going the whole hog i will use a hair mask instead of conditioner, its really good to use one a week to keep your hair super conditioned this palmers deep conditioning Protien Pack is brilliant it replaces proteins that have been stripped from any damaged hair! 

Now a pamper session isn't complete without a face pack and cucumber eye patches is it!? ...well i have upped my game and bought these amazing disposable fake cucumber pads you place them on your eyes just like you would cucumber slices but they mould to your eye socket so they don't flop off at every slight movement! They help to relieve stress and reduce puffiness, whilst smelling and looking like the real thing- amazing! They have natural extracts like camomile aloe vera and green tea ...AND you can even pop them in the fridge just before to add extra freshness - whats not to love! As for face packs/ masks I'm enjoying using the Body Shop Aloe Vera restoring mask one at the moment it leaves my skin lovely!

Ok so your bathed, you skin is silky, hair is glossy... you now need to perfect those talons! I have invested in a shellac kit as i was forever going to the salon so it worked out for me to simply teach myself and DIY it! If you have never heard of shellac it truly is amazing i can't be without it. Shellac is a hybrid of nail polish and gel and it is applied like polish but  wears like gel meaning it will stay stronger for longer! - I usually redo them every two weeks  which is more than i would have been able to afford at the salon :) To end it all i tuck into either a camomile tea or yummy hot chocolate whilst engrossing myself into a netflix marathon! 

What are your pamper rituals? Do you have a similar sunday tradition!? 
Madge x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dupe!

Marc Jacobs Daisy (£63.50, 100ml) Limited Collection Butterfly by M&S (£12, 90ml)
Now i have always heard a lot about perfume dupes that are similar to high end brands, although i have never really come across any as i have a staple scent that i mainly stick to (Chanel COCO Mademoiselle). BUT when searching for a birthday present recently i came across a scent very similar to the lovely Marc Jacobs Daisy

Perfumers are continuously working hard to produce cheaper more affordable scents, some of which appear uncannily similar in look as well as smell to the high-end designer perfumes. If you look online you will find internet forums that are filled with women raving that their smell-a-like cheaper scents are just as good as the real thing, and in this case i kind of agree! 

So the dupe I found was the pretty looking 'Butterfly' from Marks and Spencer’s Limited Collection, only by chance i found this little gem! I was having a sniff of their perfumes as you do and had to go back to the Butterfly scent as it smelt so familiar (my mum always wears Marc Jacobs Daisy). The bottle itself resembles that of Marc Jacobs Daisy with a pair of butterflies instead of flowers on its rim, it bears more than a passing resemblance to Daisy by Marc Jacobs and could be mistaken for a new line in their collection!?

The perfume itself is a very fresh feminine and playful scent much like Daisy at first sniff i would have thought it was Marc Jacobs! The only big difference is the price, Butterfly is so much cheaper at £12 a bottle you can't really go wrong! 

So thats my perfume dupe for you all i hope you like it, and it may offer you a cheap  similar alternative! Im now on the look out for other dupes i can get my hands on so if you have any tips please let me know i will post a dupe list if i find a few i think are worth posting! 

P.s just before posting this i saw both perfumes are discounted at the moment so get them quick! Butterfly (90ml - £9.60) Daisy (50ml- £42.50)   

Madge x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils

All oils sold in The Body Shop at £4 

As of recent I have built up quite the collection of The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils with my mini collection i have started a little ritual, when i come home from uni or work i will whack an oil on the go! It instantly makes my room smell and feel great, all you need is a few drops into an oil burner with some water and a little tea light underneath and you're done. My first oil was used primarily through out christmas time I loved the Cranberry Joy and used it all of December to set the festive mood through out my home! (hence why I've used it all and its not pictured!) 

Although due to the sunshine lately i was inspired to go all fruity with my smells one of my favourites, Pomegranate and Raspberry is amazing! Its got a super sweet scent that fills the room delightfully! I didn't think i would enjoy the Satsuma choice as much as i did, i only really gave it a go as i loved the Pomegranate and Raspberry so much and I'm glad i did now! I also really like the deliciously zesty aroma of Mandarin and Tangelo its perfect for a summers day, (my mum had pinched it therefore i couldn't picture it...sorry!). If your looking for something a little lighter and perhaps more fresh than fruity, why not try the Green Tea and Lemon, it is a very clean crisp refreshing scent which i like to use when having a pampering sesh! And last but not least, the iconic White Musk scent is a really relaxing aroma, i found was great to have just before bed as the scent  would send me off to sleep! (obviously blow candle out before tucking into bed though). 

These little bottles are fab for money as they last a lifetime and smell gorgeous, i've tried cheaper options before and they just don't have the lasting power or quality of scent! Let me know if you have tried any and if I'm missing out on any blinders! 

Madge x

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette Original and New!

Urban Decay are basically the undisputed rulers of all palettes, I have been a big fan for years and bought into each product especially their nude shades which are my all time favourite, i mean as far as nude shades go – they pretty much win hands down with their Naked range. So you can imagine how delighted i was when they went and surprised us all last year by adding a cheek palette into the mix!
The Original Naked Flushed palette that i have is a trio of shades: a bronzer/contour colour, a pinky shimmering highlight and a peachy pink blusher. They are the three basics you need for the perfect cheek look, day or night!

The trio of shades provided  cover the essentials of what you need for an all-round lovely look but I can’t help but feel a selection of blusher shades would have benefitted the pallet, just to add a little more choice and range! I do really like the concept of the pallet and colour choices but I struggle to make the blusher work for me as it’s that little bit too pink which doesn’t really work for my skin tone.
Overall i love the idea of a trio pallet for the face, it is a great partner for the Naked Basics palette as a small and easy to carry around essential that has all you need in a compact little package. Word is on the street that three more versions have now been made due to launch later this month called Streak, Native and Strip. Offering a little change up of shadings to compliment each skin type! - Perfect
What are your thoughts on the Naked Flushed palette and will you be looking into the new shades due to launch!?
Original Available from and (£22)
New Urban Decay Flushed Palettes * will be available from Look Fantastic and Debenhams (due to launch this month)

Madge x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Hi guys its that time of year again where i move back home for summer after a fun filled time at UNI! It always feels so weird after living in my own uni house with no rules my own decor etc! Im moving back into my old room at home which is a surgery sweet pink colour and dumping ground of art supplies and old clothes, so i have decided its time to revamp it and make it feel more like my own room again!

so I’ll be stuck at home over the next few weeks with a paint brush and roller.  I am hoping to paint the walls a pretty shade of dove grey or a very light duck egg blue ...or do i stay pink and change all my furniture instead!? So much choice! I’m excited to start bringing fresh colour and designs into the room. Procrastinating on actually doing the room I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and DOMAINE ( a site which is dedicated to interiors and celebrity homes), collecting inspiration and ideas for the new look. Ive also been reading my 'Kirstie's Vintage Home' book its got great tips on how to make your home a little more vintage i am a sucker for vintage Nic Nacks so i love it, if you don't have the book there was also a T.V series based around it you can watch it HERE.

Here’s a small selection of some of the Inspirational layout ides  that have been catching my eye lately!

Are you also preparing for a spot of DIY and decorating? What do you think of my ideas, do you have 
any suggestions for me?...

Madge x