Monday, 25 August 2014


Todays post is about a product I'm sure you are all aware of as it is such a well known and hyped product; I'm so glad I've finally purchased! For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serum is a cult beauty product...just to give you an example of its magnitude one bottle of this sought after skin care is bought every 8.5 seconds! - Crazy i know! 

This is a product i have been interested in for around a year, I've used little tester pots and toyed with the idea of finally buying it through out this time! Ive heard great things and had a good experience with my mini pots although the one thing that was holding me back, simply was the price. Ranging from £43 being the smallest (30ml) to £82 the largest (75ml) it really is a luxury item that for me was a big splurge! - but very much worth it!

In a nutshell, the serum helps hydrate your skin as well as repair any damage done throughout the day from things such as UV rays and pollution. It uses anti-oxidants which help to prevent environmental damage from visually effecting the skin, the Hyaluronic Acid within it creates the optimal condition that the skin needs to maximise the natural renewal processes. 

Skin care is a big thing for me i like to look after it so in years to come i won't look like an old leather! - I hope not anyway. After biting the bullet and paying out for this high end product i can safely say its well worth every penny! Ive been using it for over a month and can tell such a different within my skin, i wake up looking a lot fresher my skin feels lovely and silky! I also have had a lot less break outs since using it! I give Estée Lauder top marks for creating such a fantastic product the only thing i dislike is the price i really wish it was that bit more affordable, but i suppose in this instance you get what you pay for! 

Have you been using the ANR, if so let me know your thoughts on this pricey purchase!?

Madge x

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

They’re Real Push Up Liner!

Everyone’s been talking about Benefit’s new They’re Real Push Up Liner, it came into the market with huge amount of anticipation so when i ordered my beloved They're real! mascara i was delighted to find i was sent a mini They're real eyeliner also! Whats so cool about this new eyeliner you ask? Well, It’s the first gel-liner click pen which has finally launched after five years of development.  

On my way home today a friend was asking if Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner worth the hype and the price tag, i thought well if that's not an incentive to write this very over due review i don't know what is!  Here's what i have to say about it! 

The pen tip is on an angle so it looks very easy to apply but what i found was just like anything new you do need to practise a bit to get it right.  A very thin and straight style of eyeliner is extremely easy with this pen, but it gets a bit more tricky when winging it or  if your going for a fuller more thick flick you will need a bit of practise.  What i have found  is not to click the bottom round too much when releasing the eyeliner, as it will  push up a lot of the product and creates a chunky mess.  I'm making it sound more tricky than it is, its just like any other new eyeliner application, it will take practise! And this pen is ALOT easier than the traditional liquid eyeliners and brush with gel eyeliners available.  Once you get the hang of it yes its quick easy and it does hug your lash line like it says.  

So enough about the application lets talk about the actual formula, it is BLACK! Super -duper, deep dark black…which honestly is quite hard to find with a lot of eyeliners out there. I normally find they either dry a charcoal black/ grey or anything but deep black, so that is a big huge plus. The staying power of the eyeliner is phenomenal and when i say that i mean it! lasts through work, sweat, even sleep! Its extremely long wearing and doesn’t fade, although the is brings with it a slight down fall! :( It is pretty hard to remove so i would suggest using a good cleanse off oil or eye makeup remover to help scrub the product off with out hurting your eyes.
Overall once again Benefit has got it spot on! A really great product,  If you struggle with your eyeliner and are looking for a solution this product is worth a go. It definitely has a lot of great, well thought out features which would make this a staple in my makeup kit.  Another reason why I love Benefit products so much – they think outside the box! Oh and its super stylish packaging is also a winner my eyes! 

Have you tried this product yet, let me know what you think on Benefits newbie!?
Madge x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Festival Must haves!

So so sorry for my lack of blogging this last month but if you follow me on instagram you will know i have a new gorgeous puppy named Lola and she has taken up a lot of my time which i love... i mean who doesn't want puppy snuggles 24/7! But it  has meant lack of blogging time! Alas i will no longer neglect the blog for the cutest little puppy in the world ... insert cute puppy picture ;) 

I give you the newest addition - Lola

So tomorrow i am off to Boardmasters one of the coolest festivals around its based in (hopefully) Sunny Newquay! Here I am sat surrounded by all of my worldly possessions the evening before heading off to Boardmasters, and although yes this may be a little last minuet I thought I'd share some of my top packing tips with you all! These tips have seen me through plenty of drenched family camping trips, sunny festivities and hopefully Boardmasters tomorrow!!

A good ol' pair of wellies-
Other than an old pair of converse i shall be taking with me good old wellies because its typical English weather and you just never know ...and i mean who wants to be knee deep in mud with only a pair of flip flops to hand - no one! So il have my trusty Hunters and some old converse that I'm not too fussed about getting mucky! 

Dry shampoo/ Bun ring-
Need I even explain? With hair as thick and bushy as mine over a period of 4 days, it's bound to be left greasy, a little smelly - lovely i know. Dry shampoo and a bun ring are the only ways for me to keep looking relatively ok when it comes to those final dancing days. Just spruse your hair with a little batiste and whack it tidily into a bun rig - hey presto ready to rock!

Foods and nibbles-
Dry foods are always nice to have handy when curled up in a soggy field with a pang of hunger and a little hung over- think cereal bars,rice cakes, biscuits, crisps  and basically anything that won't look grim if neglected. And if you are uber camper friendly like me you can take a handy little camping stove to make tea to go with those biccies or some bacon in the morning ;) (all depending on what you are allowed to take into the venue of corse!)

Not the best clothes you own-
I like to pack things that I won't  mind getting a bit grubby/ruined/dropped/stolen etc- so think last minute trips to Primark, basics that can be replaced, and only a few staple statement pieces such as a kimono or some cheap accessories to jazz an outfit up! I have some bright patterned pieces to my board master wardrobe, but mostly its all comfy, all weather working, cheapy clothes from Primark. 

Something to keep you dry-
It's not an urban myth that it rains at festivals, and i have checked for my weekend, it appears that yes after months of glorious sunshine it will now down pour on the weekend of Boardmasters! Now i have made this mistake before, I've been to festivals without some form of coat and have always ended up with matted wet hair, shivering wishing i had just brought something! So if it be a poncho, rain mac or full on parker bring some water proofs you'l not regret it!

Fail safe loo roll/wet wipes-

Last but not least the obvious bits!
Tent, roll mat/ blow up bed (and pillow, dry ground is hard), sleeping bag, Money, ID, Poncho,  tights and leggings for night time (even in the summer, nights are way colder than you think when sleeping in a tent) and of course your festival tickets.

(Apologies for no pictures as this was all a mad rush i didn't have the time although when i return i shall add some in to pretty this post up!)

If your going to board masters or any other festivals let me know if this was handy and have a fab time! 

Madge x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen for my birthday in december my mum made me a HUGE body shop  bundle full to the brim with srcummy treats! One of the items was this little travel friendly gem- a mini multi purpose bottle of just about everything! The Body Shop Beautifying OilNow to any normal person who manages to pack less than a year's worth of products for a weekend away, an oil won't seem essential at all, but this lovely lightweight blend of nut oils can be used for an abundance of things and since receiving it i have noticed that the Beautifying oil actually helps reduce the size of my beauty bag when traveling. 

So its main use is that it makes a great light and nourishing hair oil that can be used before or after blowdrying (i tend to use it prior to drying). I have a classic case of frizzy dry ends so this really helps to add moisture and keep my ends looking sleek/healthy on the go. It's other uses can be for hydrating the face and body, which means you don't need your usual pots of moisturiser/body butter, I've found its great for massaging the loved one (more like forcing him to massage me ha!). The oil has illuminating properties which will give you a gorgeous glow rather than greasy mess, it drys quickly too so you don't have to waft about the house waiting for it to dry! 

I love my coconut scent as it reminds me of holidays its subtle but sweet which i love, but you can choose from plenty of other scents such as strawberry, shea, mango etc depending on your preferences! With festivals and summer holidays coming up this is a handy product to pack, at £9 they are well worth the money! 

Do you have any travel beauty secrets? 
Madge x