Sunday, 14 December 2014

Mini Boots Haul

Recently I've made a trip to boots and bought a few bits and bobs at really reasonable prices that i thought i would share! This is only a mini haul so this post should be short and sweet! 

My main reason for visiting boots was to buy a new BB Cream as i want to go foundation free during work days, working in a stuffy office makes my skin feel terrible so i wanted something light for my skin that would still give it a bit of coverage thats why i went for a matte effect!

Ive recently been using Benefits wonderful 'Gimme Brow' i absolutely love it buuuut i love it so much I've basically used it up straight away so i was hunting around boots for some dare i say it ...cheaper options! C'mon we can't always afford benefit I'm back off to uni soon so i needed to find a purse friendly alternative! So i will be trailing Natural Collections Clear gel mascara and Rimmels Brow this way (both a fraction of benefits price!)

Essie oh essie how you always tempt me... i fell into Essies web and couldn't get free until i purchased this gorgeous and simple varnish i think its  perfect transition colour from summer into autumn! 

Last but not least this is an item I've wanted to try for a while because I've heard such good things, generally you can't go wrong with any real techniques products because they are designed so fabulously! This Complexion Sponge has had great reviews so i want to give it a go, i think it might even be easier than using a brush once I've got the hand of it! 

So thats it a little on each item i thought would be shorter but wasn't oooopsie! 

Have you got any of these items? If so let me know what you think!?
Madge x

2. Rimmel London BB cream (Matte): £6.99 
3. Natural Collection Clear Mascara: £1.99