Sunday, 21 September 2014


 Now that fashion month has finally come to a close, it gives a little time to reflect on the trends that will be fashion fabulous next season. This post is a little different for me, by no means do i think I'm a fashoinista, yet just a mere lover of it all, who has been swept up in all the glamorous runway shows and styles this past month has supplied! I've put together a few styles i thought were worth while if you want to make sure that you are prepared this season!

Robe/ blanket coats
So Pre fall we had the ultra cosey 'Blanket coat trend' fuelled by hot celebs such as Rosie Huntington whitely pulling a cheeky buburry blanket off better than any of us could! Now it seems the must have coat for Autumn winter is the robe coat, which seems just as coset as well as being as easy to wear as it is to take on and off! Personally i think they look a little like my granddads dressing gown but hey if it keeps me all warm and snug whats not to love really!?

(Above: Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington- Whiteley and Olivia Palermo wear Burberry's AW14 poncho)

Swinging 60's
The '60s are back in a major way. So grab those shift dresses, black tights, knee-high boots and get grooving! You can never go wrong with a 60's look its always making its way into trends year after year, my favourite item this season would be the smock dress jazz it up with a bit of colour or a funky pattern to stay true to the 60s!    

The Giant turtle neck
As someone who is always cold, I am pretty thrilled to see the development of the turtleneck into something that more closely resembles a sock for your whole head- honestly it really does look like that! So yes the turtleneck has been weaning its way back into fashion for a little while now, but for the upcoming fall season it's bigger than ever! You might think I'm crazy but i kind of love these huge turtle necks... i mean with a turtleneck that big, who needs a scarf anyway!?

Photos courtesy of WGSN Fashion forecasting website

Lets face it fur is inevitable when it comes to A/W trends! Fur tends to now be an investment piece, so if you’re going to jump on this trend, please go faux and finish off your look with a bold accent (and a clear conscious of course). Heres a link to Glamour magazines top picks for Faux Fur coats to help you out! 

 The Mod Boot 

 I can't remember a time when a black ankle boot has not been in my fall outfit rotation. Last year i didn't go a day with out strutting around in my beloved H&M chelsea boots! But this year, you will see a lot of the mod boot. This boot is not quite a boot but more like a high heel. These little numbers are extremely cute! If you're looking for the perfect pair for your wardrobe, look for a pair that has a contrast panel, high shine, or quirky shade.

Photos courtesy of WGSN Fashion forecasting website

Leather Skirt 

For this seasons perfect Autumn essential, look no further than a 70's inspired leather skirt. Remember those short, '80s rocker leather minis, that not so long ago were all the rage well they were cool but are on there way out! Now its all about leather skirts getting a little longer, a little more boho, and coming in richer, matte materials like suede. which i am very excited about as i prefer longer skirts and love the texture of suede! 

Photos courtesy of WGSN Fashion forecasting website

My all time autumn winter wardrobe faves 

Nothing is going to start off this season better than tartan. This pattern will be everywhere as it always is each and every winter. I love an oversized flannel tartan shirt to wear on those lazy days where its so cold out side all you do sit lounge around in your big tartan shirt with hot chocolate and movies! - winter perfection! 

Photos courtesy of WGSN Fashion forecasting website

Leopard Print 
Im a sucker for this print i wear it all year round in some shape or form. I just don't know what it is with Leopard print that always draws me back, i can never decide if its sexy or tacky but its still a love of mine either way! I think a leopard print shirt tucked into a midi leather/ suede skirt could actually be a fab look if styled correctly!  

Photos courtesy of WGSN Fashion forecasting website

So thats my take on the many fashion trends of this upcoming season i hope you liked a slightly different post from me, if so i shall do more!  

Which was your favourite style?

Madge x


  1. I'm loving the whole blanket trend. I would actually go out sporting my favourite cuddle blanket if it wasn't so un-fashionable and looked like a poodle!

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    1. Hi Sarah thanks for reading totally agree with you on the blanket front haha! Means so much that you like my blog so thank you I'm going to head over to yours now and check it out! :D xx

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