Sunday, 8 June 2014

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette Original and New!

Urban Decay are basically the undisputed rulers of all palettes, I have been a big fan for years and bought into each product especially their nude shades which are my all time favourite, i mean as far as nude shades go – they pretty much win hands down with their Naked range. So you can imagine how delighted i was when they went and surprised us all last year by adding a cheek palette into the mix!
The Original Naked Flushed palette that i have is a trio of shades: a bronzer/contour colour, a pinky shimmering highlight and a peachy pink blusher. They are the three basics you need for the perfect cheek look, day or night!

The trio of shades provided  cover the essentials of what you need for an all-round lovely look but I can’t help but feel a selection of blusher shades would have benefitted the pallet, just to add a little more choice and range! I do really like the concept of the pallet and colour choices but I struggle to make the blusher work for me as it’s that little bit too pink which doesn’t really work for my skin tone.
Overall i love the idea of a trio pallet for the face, it is a great partner for the Naked Basics palette as a small and easy to carry around essential that has all you need in a compact little package. Word is on the street that three more versions have now been made due to launch later this month called Streak, Native and Strip. Offering a little change up of shadings to compliment each skin type! - Perfect
What are your thoughts on the Naked Flushed palette and will you be looking into the new shades due to launch!?
Original Available from and (£22)
New Urban Decay Flushed Palettes * will be available from Look Fantastic and Debenhams (due to launch this month)

Madge x

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