Sunday, 19 April 2015

Operation Organize: Creative Storage Solutions

I am a big lover of storage ..strange thing to love i know! Im pretty bonkers about it actually, i love finding new ways to store my hoards of beauty products, baking equipment, art supplies, vintage items ..the list goes on! I think that no matter what your current living situation is, being efficient with your storage is always a great way to maximize your space and keep you organised.
So, before I share some of my favorite design inspo, I have three main storage tips to keep in mind... After all it is that 'Spring Clean' time of year! 

1. Disguise It

Operation Organize: Creative Storage Solutions

No one likes staring at cardboard boxes or ugly plastic storage bins (no matter how handy they are, they aren't pretty!). For storing odds and ends out of sight, look out for chic containers that blend right in with your décor, for instance how cool does this trunk look, you can easily pick this sort of thing up from boot-sales!-I recently bought two vintage cases for £1 each from a closing down vintage store- YES £1 how amazing, simply stack them or place them on a stand for beautiful storage. Woven baskets are another favourite decorative disguise of mine. I use a lot of woven baskets through out my home, you can pick them up for a penny at discount shops or get creative and buy some second hand and just spray paint accordingly to your interior style! I prefer clean white baskets for all my bits and bobs as it keeps everything looking clean and crisp no matter how much junk is actually inside them! 

2. Hide It

My second storage tip is to make use of spaces that you can’t see. For things like bikinis and flip flops...well basically your whole summer wardrobe. Lets face it with british weather the way it is you won’t need any of it for several months to come, you might as well hide them under your bed or in another covert spot. I  swear by vacuum bags for under-the-bed storage, not only do they protect against dust, mold, and odor, they truly maximize your storage space by sucking out any air from the bag. 

3. Prioritize It

This tip is a biggie! ...It’s so important to be strategic when organizing your storage. Things you need frequently should be stowed where you can easily access them. Things you rarely use can go in those hard-to-reach top cabinets or tucked away in the garage/ shed in those not so pretty plastic boxes! 

And now for some design inspiration…
I adore the idea of using vintage teacups/ mugs to hold little trinkets or stand my make up brushes in. My Personal favourite is anything royal i love a good Royal vintage mug makes me feel very patriotic and its a great use of recycling! can get them so cheap in charity shops/ bricka-brack stalls! 

Get super creative with old jars, wash them out and re use for all manner of things! You can keep it cute with sweet little labels from Cath Kidston too! I also love this idea, why not mount your jars on the bathroom wall, it will free up valuable bathroom drawer space.

Heres a link to my Pinterest Boards with more images on great storage ideas you can try out! 

Do you have any smart storage solutions of your own? Hope this spurs a little spring cleaning! :) 
Madge x


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