Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Pamper routine

Sundays are for relaxing! Thats why i like to use my sunday evenings having a bit of a pamper, preparing  myself for the week ahead! So to get in the mood i always light a candle or in this case i melted the lovely clean cotton tart from Yankee Candle, this is a really pure simple and relaxing scent that is perfect for a relaxed sunday mood! Other aromas that are good for pamper nights i like to use are green tea and lemon or white musk fragrance oils from the body shop!

I then move onto the pampering run a bath and make sure i pop one of my favourite Lush bath bombs in such as butterball! I like to play music such as Lana del Ray or The weekend as i soak because they are both really chilled and get me in the relaxed mood  (i also am in love with both of them slightly! haha)! When I'm going the whole hog i will use a hair mask instead of conditioner, its really good to use one a week to keep your hair super conditioned this palmers deep conditioning Protien Pack is brilliant it replaces proteins that have been stripped from any damaged hair! 

Now a pamper session isn't complete without a face pack and cucumber eye patches is it!? ...well i have upped my game and bought these amazing disposable fake cucumber pads you place them on your eyes just like you would cucumber slices but they mould to your eye socket so they don't flop off at every slight movement! They help to relieve stress and reduce puffiness, whilst smelling and looking like the real thing- amazing! They have natural extracts like camomile aloe vera and green tea ...AND you can even pop them in the fridge just before to add extra freshness - whats not to love! As for face packs/ masks I'm enjoying using the Body Shop Aloe Vera restoring mask one at the moment it leaves my skin lovely!

Ok so your bathed, you skin is silky, hair is glossy... you now need to perfect those talons! I have invested in a shellac kit as i was forever going to the salon so it worked out for me to simply teach myself and DIY it! If you have never heard of shellac it truly is amazing i can't be without it. Shellac is a hybrid of nail polish and gel and it is applied like polish but  wears like gel meaning it will stay stronger for longer! - I usually redo them every two weeks  which is more than i would have been able to afford at the salon :) To end it all i tuck into either a camomile tea or yummy hot chocolate whilst engrossing myself into a netflix marathon! 

What are your pamper rituals? Do you have a similar sunday tradition!? 
Madge x

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