Sunday, 26 October 2014

A bit of a personal one...

Sorry I've been away for a little while! Ive had a few personal things to deal with and my housemate also had my camera for ages haha! Im hoping i will be back to normal from now on so don't despair! Ive been a Debbie downer these past weeks and thought i would do a bit of a different post, sharing a few things that i have found have helped me out whilst I've been down, and got me through a few through some though times! 

Madge's pointers for picking yourself up! :D 

Make a list.

Sometimes we are feeling depressed/down simply because we are overwhelmed with all the things we have to do that we haven’t gotten around to doing. All that “stuff” that’s stuck in our head can become overwhelming. Start simply by picking up a piece of paper and a pen, and making a list of the most pressing things you have to do. I live by my 'To-Do' lists i get this weird satisfaction ticking something off each tick is a mini achievement! Sometimes it’s work/Uni stuff, sometimes it’s stuff around the house, or a combination of these and more. Simply making a list can be a big relief it really gives you that feeling that your getting things under control. With a to-do list i can see, right in front of me, what I need to do, and that alone makes me feel more focussed and calm - picking up my mood!  

Take action.
So you’ve made a list, and you still feel overwhelmed? Well, as nike would say ...just do it! Get started on the first thing you need to do. Is it a big task? Break it down and just do the smallest task, something just to get you started. Once you get started, once you get into action, you’ll feel better. Trust me. You might still feel overwhelmed, but at least you’re doing something. And once you start doing something, you’ve got momentum, and that feels much better than lying around feeling sorry for yourself. A friend said to me recently when i was blubbering in mid break down, don't think too far ahead break everything down weekly goals, or day by day and if thats still too much take it hour by hour! And its so true when your looking at the big picture and getting overwhelmed its so easy to give up - but don't! Get focussed and take things slow bit by bit and yowl get there in the end - I promise! :)  

 Count the good things in life.
When you’re sad, and you’re looking for tips on how to pick yourself up when feeling down, then this could be the simplest you can do...count the good things that have happened to your life. Were all guilty of it, your led in bed thinking the world has it in for you, everything is terrible and theres no way out! Focussing on all the little frustrations and failures that are happening only means  you have been overlooking the good things. Just take a moment to find that silver lining some thing or someone thats good in your life hold on to that and remember its not all bad! 

Exercise like you’re getting paid for it.
Yes, I know when you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, the last thing you want to do is exercise! Ben and Jerry's with a series on Netflix will look more appealing, BUT believe it or not, against your initial feelings, exercising can instantly give you that emotional lift. This is because physical activity boosts your “feel-good” hormones, such as dopamine, and these hormones are  what is known as “runner’s high.” So getting out of the dumps can be as easy as taking the dog out for a walk or running a few laps around the park. I personally like to go to classes at the gym because theres an instructor willing me on to go that bit further, i go with my friends too so it becomes a bit of a laugh rather than a chore! 

Pamper yourself.

When feeling down, we tend to neglect our personal hygiene and simply wallow in our uselessness... I've done this plenty of times (Normally with some B&J watching Netflix). But laying around in your underwear, smelling bad  and getting greasy is not going to do you any good. Getting out of this emotional slump can be as simple as taking a good, long shower. Feeling fresh and clean, wearing crisp clothes can work wonders on your mood. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, shave, do whatever it is that you need to do to feel clean and good about yourself. Instant pick me up! I love to go the whole hog when pampering a bath bomb, a few candles on the go face and hair mask the lot afterwards i feel like a new woman!  

Put your jam on!

 I like Queen Bey, Iggy Azalea , Christina Aguilera basically any powerful, something that i can "sing" at the top of my lungs and feel inspired by a strong female vocalist, but you might have your own brand of feel-good music. Whatever it is, crank it up, and let yourself move to the beat. It may just be what the doctor ordered.

Talk about it
Got a significant other, best friend, family member or teacher you can talk to? ...Bend their ear! That’s what they’re their for. If you don’t, there are hotlines, or professionals, you can talk to. And then there’s always online forums. These are great places to find someone to talk to. Getting things off your chest makes a big difference, and can be a huge lift. It can also help you work out the reasons you’re feeling down. Im really lucky at my university they provide a lot of help for all sorts of things a one off chat, or perhaps something a bit more longterm like counselling so maybe send an email and see what your Uni/work place provides! 

So theres a few of my tips they have helped me through my down times so i really hope it helps! Let me know if you have any tips for me!?

Oh and heres a picture of my Puppy Lola if all else fails this should bring a smile to your face ;)

Madge x

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