Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Meat Free Week!

Next week is the start of a really great challenge! ' Meat Free week' its a global campaign with the aim to get us thinking about the amount of meat we eat, and the impact it has not only on the animals but on our health and the environment! Now I'm a big green freak, anything to help the planet and I'm there! I have always thought that we are so lucky to live on this planet and that its down to us to keep it going. There is too much consumption going on in the world, we need to stop and think how we are effecting whats around us!

 So on that note i pledge not to eat meat next week! I already try my best to buy my foods from local sources, and only buy foods that are free range, but as from next week i will be going veggie! I have two vegan housemates so i know how delicious vegan/vegetarian foods can be. Although i know for a lot of you meat is a staple in your diet and you won't want to let go of your beloved fried chicken or steak...but this one week of change has so many benefits its really worth giving it a go! 

On a whole we now consume meat with almost every meal! Eating this much meat has become at a huge cost to our health, the environment and the welfare of the animals we're eating. By taking part in meat free week, or even just  eating less meat you can have a positive effect on all of these things. It seems crazy that by eating less meat you can have an impact on the environment, animal welfare AND your health but its true! Through research its seen that increasing the amount of fruit, veggies and whole grains in our diet and lowering our intake of meat is best for optimum health. 

Meat Free Week is also a great way to raise money for some worthwhile charities that support the cause. Some of the money raised is reinvested back into the Meat Free Week campaign enabling it to continue growth on a global scale! Most importantly, this week of no nuggets is about education, becoming more aware, and having the knowledge to make positive informed choices. So give it a go! Try out some amazing meat free recipes and do the world some good whilst your at it! Heres the link to Meat Free Week online page for more information and recipe ideas! :) Also If your interested in this sort of thing a documentary on Netflix called 'Hungry For Change' is great, a real eye-opener, so give that a watch too if you like :)  

Let me know how  you get on, or if you have any recipes you think i should try out! 
Madge x

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