Thursday, 16 April 2015

My Top Tips For Visiting Venice & Venice Carnival!

So I've had the amazing opportunity to visit Venice recently! I was super lucky because i got to visit whilst The Carnival of Venice was on! The festival is an annual event that is held in VeniceItaly. The Carnival ends with the on Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday AKA best day ever) The festival is full of fun and famed for its elaborate masks which were everyyyyywhere! I didn't visit just for the carnival but it was and amazing site to see - if your planning on going i would say go whilst its on because there are so many fun things you can get involved with! Im going to list a few things you should do whilst in Venice!

This guy was awesome his outfit lit up in the dark!

Walking around St Marcs square looking at all the amazing outfits is something you must do, grab an ice cream (pistachio is fabulous) and have a good wonder you will be surprised with how elaborate some of the outfits are! The pictures above were taken simply when i was on a bit of a wonder, the people who are dressed up love the attention so don't feel like you can't ask for a picture with them because they really do enjoy it!

Next not the list is have a gondola ride! They are so typical of Venice i know but seriously they really are such a laugh, i went with 5 of my friends and we loved it! The 30 min ride was 120 euros between us which sounds a lot but in Venice everything is expensive! There are other price ranges for different trips and timings and you can always try to barter them down for a better deal :)

Take a boat trip to Burano its a small town filled of beautiful coloured houses as seen above they have lots of little cafes to have a nice lunch in. I took a combined trip to two spots Burano and Murano. Murano is where glass blowing is made in venice, we were able to watch it being made and it is just magical! 

It may not be your cup of tea but i would definitely suggest you visit galleries and cathedrals in the area, Venice is full of beautiful art and amazing architecture. The Guggenheim is a good one to visit it was founded by Peggy Guggenheim, she was an important art collector who left the USA to live in Venice for the last thirty years of her life. The collection is full of popular artists such as Picasso, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Pollock and of course Max Ernst, the surrealist artist and her husband. There is also a small sculpture garden with more modern pieces. 

My Top Tips for venice
  1. Eat/drink as much as you can - indulge in Italy's finest foods, pasta, pizza, gelato and of corse Prosecco! 
  2. Enjoy the sites you can see so much just on foot, its so easily accessible 
  3. take a boat trip to surrounding islands 
  4. Visit Galleries / architecture that inspires you
  5. Party! If you are there around the carnival time there is so many parties to get involved with along with music and plays in St Marcs square through out the day. Buy some confetti, get a fancy mask and enjoy that prosecco!
SO that was my time in Venice i loved it let me know if you want any more info or maybe let me know on anything i missed out on! 
Madge x

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