Thursday, 20 March 2014

International day of ...HAPPINESS :)


So today was international day of Happiness, who knew? Well i didn't, but i got me thinking of all the lovely things going on in the world that make people happy! Heres a few of the little things in life that brighten my day, or simply perk up my mood and make me happy! ...Enjoy! 

I love to start the day with a super duper breakfast ...boring as it may sound, if i start my day with something delicious it makes me happy and sets me up for the rest of the day! Heres snaps from my some of the fav breakfasts I've made! 

Simple porridge with fresh fruit and a sprinkling of cinnamon - lush! 

Fresh orange juice, herbal tea and a mini fry up ...perfect hangover cure!

(I was obviously feeling adventurous when i made this) - porridge, green tea, with fresh fruits !

Bagel topped with scrambled eggs, salmon and avocado - amazing!

THE SUN! It makes me sooooo happy to see the sun poking its little head out of the clouds and finally making an appearance (it doesn't happen a lot in the UK!). Heres a perfect example of that in the two pictures i took whilst on a walk through my village! Doesn't the sky look gorgeous, the sun is just about poking its cheeky head out :) 

Fresh flowers ....i love fresh flowers on my dressing table its something so innocent and beautiful that i love! It makes me happy to have a them through out my house, they bring colour and fresh fragrance to your home! It even puts a smile on my face when i see bunches of freshly cut flowers at the market and i particularly love the entrance to Liberty in London seeing all their flowers! Heres some random flowers that i thought were so pretty i should take a picture!

Pink roses - perfection 

Simple Sunny Yellow Flowers outside a pub :)

Flower from my garden with little rain drop details!

Orchids from Paris 

A little pick me up, theirs nothing that makes me more happier than just taking five mins to myself and sipping on a warm inviting cuppa in bed or indulging in a rich coffee at a cute coffee shop!

Nothing better than being all cozied up in bed with a cup of tea laaavely 

The little hearts they do make it that bit more lovely 

MILO ... my dog he never fails to make me smile :) 

He has always been top dawg

Look at those eyes! 

Ok so im going to wind this up now last is a cheeky cocktail they are my favourite type of drink on a night out I'm always happy/ merry with a cocktail in hand, heres a few of my favourites from nights out!

Hard Rock Cafe - London 

Charlie Chaplins Bar - Boscombe

Champagne Lounge - Harvey Nichols 

Conto Lounge Bar - Bournemouth

Smoking Aces whiskey and cocktail lounge - Bournemouth
Too drunk to remember!!

So thats just a handful of silly little things that make me happy each day (not the cocktails i don't have one of those a day ha!) Id love to know what makes you happy, perhaps we have similar interests!? 

Happy International day of Happiness to you all! :)

Madge x 

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