Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Its a Spring Thing!

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The age old saying 'I'm having a spring clean' ...may sound boring but it is totally worth it! This time of year is the perfect time to clear that wardrobe out, and If your anything like me you probably need it too! 

I will hoard clothes creating all sorts of scenarios in my head creating reasons to keep the item! I mean...I might just need to wear those orange lycra hot pants again ...or I simply need that 10th LBD because its a slightly different style to Little Black Dress number 9! If this is anything like you then i think you will benefit from my tips on where to get started when having a clear out as i know all too well it can be a daunting task!  

Madge's Top Tips to for your spring clean...
1. Empty : completely take everything out and start sorting your clothing into two piles -  ('to stay' and 'to go') 
2. Analyse : Make sure you try things on, be honest and be critical with yourself!

3. Organise : start to identify the basics and establish outfits; organise the space so clothing can be found easily (certain sections for certain things)
4. Repair : Isolate items that need fixing and make the repairs (or be prepared to get rid of the item)
5. Say Goodbye : Be ruthless; my main tip of them all ONLY keep only items that make you look and feel good!

Things to keep in mind and ask yourself when going through your clothing ...
1. Do I love wearing this item or do I just like the way it looks on the hanger? 
2. Is it comfortable and flattering? Do I feel good wearing it?
3. Is it versatile ...Can I create various outfits with this one item?
4. Does this item fit into my overall style?5. Do I wear this regularly? If not, why?

Now where will all these clothes go!? Here are a few ideas on how to get rid for good! 
  1. SELL! - Make some money there are so many places you can sell your unwanted clothing for example, boot sales, EBAY, De-Pop,Facebay sites etc!
  2. CHARITY - you can drop off at your local charity shop, clothes bin or  even use clothing collection bags that are left on your doorstep.
  3. SWAP- have a swap party with your friends replenish your wardrobe with new items that are more to your style now!
Honestly the best tip i can give is that you only keep what you enjoy wearing, what is in good condition, and what makes you feel comfortable. For example If you haven't worn something in the last six months then you probably don't really like it as much as you think you do! The spring clean goal is to own only pieces of clothing that you wear regularly and love, so it's wise to get rid of anything unworn. I Hope I've spread the inspiration for spring cleaning, let em know if these tips have helped you or if you have any for me!? 

Madge x

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