Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub!

I have always been a fan of body shop ever since i can remember as my mum used to be a Body shop rep, hosting numerous  Body Shop parties! Part of her job role meant she would have a large kit of products often getting sent new things to try weekly! I took full advantage of this often sneaking bits and bobs into my own little collection, as a child this was amazing all the beautiful  scents and colours to get my little hands on! ...looking back you can tell i was beauty addict  and smellies hoarder even back then!

Recently my mum joined The Body Shop once again and my love for their products was back! I came to realise that actually a lot of the products are really great. I have since bought a lot more of their products, through my continuous usage of The Body Shop combined with my  mums knowledge I really can tell you whats what! 

Today I'm talking about one of my favourite products from The Body Shop, I am already on my second one since christmas its that good, It's The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion.

The scrub is filled with tiny little exfoliating beads rather than the large ones that are often found in face scrubs creating a much more subtle effect on the skin. Although the beads are small they are a lot more beneficial getting into the pores cleaning you skin throughly, leaving it silky smooth and radiant afterwards. 

The vitamin-c-microdermabrasion scrub is a firm favourite and will stay in my skin care routine although i have recently been bought the complete Vitamin E skin care range from The body shop too, so you be sure to check back in for a report on that too! 

Madge x

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