Sunday, 6 July 2014

June Favourites!

With summer finally making its appearance in June, this past month has been one of the most busy yet- I started my new summer job, took part in two charity events the Race For Life and Walk For wards Stars Appeal, helped out at the New Designers event in London as well as discover some new beauty/foodie favourites ready to share with all you lovelies below! So below you can see of my favourite beauty things in June- it was definitely tough trying to narrow things down!

Some of my favourite beauty products of June were actually products that I already enjoyed  first time round- and have rediscovered after a period of not using them, which certainly isn't a bad thing. For example My Clinique cleansing milk used to be my go to cleanser for years but when in Paris last year i went Bioderma crazy and forgot about my beloved cleansing milk! - So I'm super glad that i have reincarnated my old time favourite back into my skin routine(i still use my Bioderma too don't worry)! I also loved using the Vitamin C Body Shop Micro derma scrub which i kind of tried out on a whim interested in the microdermabrasion side of it, never the less its a great scrub which I've been loving and will be writing a blog post on it very soon if you want more info! Speaking of The Body shop two other of my june favourites are from there also, i have been burning my satsuma fragrance oil for a bit of summer scent lately and kept my skin silky smooth with the lucious Honeymania body butter, i know I'm behind on this product as loads of people went crazy for it when it first launched and i can now see why its a gorgeous smell and of course a great moisturiser after all its a body shop body butter! Last but not least the two nail colours i have been sporting most this month are Models own Fuzzy Peach on my tootsies and this beautiful blue from red carpet manicure (named Trend setter) which i cure on to my nails using a uv lamp! Oh and not to forget my amazing Gimme Brow from benefit its so handy!... I've written more about it here just click to read more!

Ok so i do not have many pictures of my foodie favourites as I'm ashamed to say i ate most of them before taking any just proves how great they tasted haha! Ok So I'm a massive fan of pop corn and Metcalfes Wasabi flavour is my regular go to although my boyfriend surprised me with a pack from porpercorn which tasted devinnnnne sea salt and brown sugar flavour which it ultimately just sweet and salt mixed but as it says on the pack this popcorn is done properly  as you can tell by is great taste! I have also been trying out juices from a new organic juice bar that has opened near my work the only thing added is the raw ingredients and ice they taste absolutely amazing and are great on a hot lunch break! The one thing i do have a picture of is the delsih burger i tried out whilst working the event at new designers last month Byron was just across the road its been on my restarunt hit list for a while now so i was glad i had the chance to give it a go, the burgers are all hand made and taste amazing normally i would feel guilty about burger and fries but it tasted healthy rather than your usual greasy type! 

So that is it from me, are any of these things your favourites too? 
Madge x

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