Sunday, 13 July 2014

Home Fragrance Favourites

Ive always been a candle lover and recently fallen in love with fragrance oils too! I thought i would give you a little insight on what have become my favourites at the mo! I am a very seasonal person when it comes to candles and scents i like my 'home fragrance' to reflect whats going on around me for example every christmas without fail i will have a christmas inspired  Yankee Candle's dotted through out the house ... normally christmas cookie firmly planted in my bedroom because its just DE-vine! 

Anyway my more recent scents have been from the Home Fragrance range from The Body Shop, I have fell in love with home fragrance oils my favourite being the Pomegranate and Raspberry scent it is delicious! Back to good old Yankee Candles!... i have just finished off my gorgeous beach flowers jar its a lovely lilac colour and smells like beautiful blossoms, i loved it so much i bout  the tarts along with it! Other scents of theirs i love at the mo are: mango peach salsa which is so summery it smells sweet and zesty just like juicy mangoes and peaches livened with a bit of citrus! 

I always love trying out new whiffs so if you know any nice suggestions that i can add to my collection id love to hear!? I also was to try out Diptyque candles although they are a little pricey and i don't know which to get so if anyone knows a good one to start off with that would be fantastic! :D

Madge x

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