Wednesday, 20 August 2014

They’re Real Push Up Liner!

Everyone’s been talking about Benefit’s new They’re Real Push Up Liner, it came into the market with huge amount of anticipation so when i ordered my beloved They're real! mascara i was delighted to find i was sent a mini They're real eyeliner also! Whats so cool about this new eyeliner you ask? Well, It’s the first gel-liner click pen which has finally launched after five years of development.  

On my way home today a friend was asking if Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner worth the hype and the price tag, i thought well if that's not an incentive to write this very over due review i don't know what is!  Here's what i have to say about it! 

The pen tip is on an angle so it looks very easy to apply but what i found was just like anything new you do need to practise a bit to get it right.  A very thin and straight style of eyeliner is extremely easy with this pen, but it gets a bit more tricky when winging it or  if your going for a fuller more thick flick you will need a bit of practise.  What i have found  is not to click the bottom round too much when releasing the eyeliner, as it will  push up a lot of the product and creates a chunky mess.  I'm making it sound more tricky than it is, its just like any other new eyeliner application, it will take practise! And this pen is ALOT easier than the traditional liquid eyeliners and brush with gel eyeliners available.  Once you get the hang of it yes its quick easy and it does hug your lash line like it says.  

So enough about the application lets talk about the actual formula, it is BLACK! Super -duper, deep dark black…which honestly is quite hard to find with a lot of eyeliners out there. I normally find they either dry a charcoal black/ grey or anything but deep black, so that is a big huge plus. The staying power of the eyeliner is phenomenal and when i say that i mean it! lasts through work, sweat, even sleep! Its extremely long wearing and doesn’t fade, although the is brings with it a slight down fall! :( It is pretty hard to remove so i would suggest using a good cleanse off oil or eye makeup remover to help scrub the product off with out hurting your eyes.
Overall once again Benefit has got it spot on! A really great product,  If you struggle with your eyeliner and are looking for a solution this product is worth a go. It definitely has a lot of great, well thought out features which would make this a staple in my makeup kit.  Another reason why I love Benefit products so much – they think outside the box! Oh and its super stylish packaging is also a winner my eyes! 

Have you tried this product yet, let me know what you think on Benefits newbie!?
Madge x

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