Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils

All oils sold in The Body Shop at £4 

As of recent I have built up quite the collection of The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils with my mini collection i have started a little ritual, when i come home from uni or work i will whack an oil on the go! It instantly makes my room smell and feel great, all you need is a few drops into an oil burner with some water and a little tea light underneath and you're done. My first oil was used primarily through out christmas time I loved the Cranberry Joy and used it all of December to set the festive mood through out my home! (hence why I've used it all and its not pictured!) 

Although due to the sunshine lately i was inspired to go all fruity with my smells one of my favourites, Pomegranate and Raspberry is amazing! Its got a super sweet scent that fills the room delightfully! I didn't think i would enjoy the Satsuma choice as much as i did, i only really gave it a go as i loved the Pomegranate and Raspberry so much and I'm glad i did now! I also really like the deliciously zesty aroma of Mandarin and Tangelo its perfect for a summers day, (my mum had pinched it therefore i couldn't picture it...sorry!). If your looking for something a little lighter and perhaps more fresh than fruity, why not try the Green Tea and Lemon, it is a very clean crisp refreshing scent which i like to use when having a pampering sesh! And last but not least, the iconic White Musk scent is a really relaxing aroma, i found was great to have just before bed as the scent  would send me off to sleep! (obviously blow candle out before tucking into bed though). 

These little bottles are fab for money as they last a lifetime and smell gorgeous, i've tried cheaper options before and they just don't have the lasting power or quality of scent! Let me know if you have tried any and if I'm missing out on any blinders! 

Madge x

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