Thursday, 7 August 2014

Festival Must haves!

So so sorry for my lack of blogging this last month but if you follow me on instagram you will know i have a new gorgeous puppy named Lola and she has taken up a lot of my time which i love... i mean who doesn't want puppy snuggles 24/7! But it  has meant lack of blogging time! Alas i will no longer neglect the blog for the cutest little puppy in the world ... insert cute puppy picture ;) 

I give you the newest addition - Lola

So tomorrow i am off to Boardmasters one of the coolest festivals around its based in (hopefully) Sunny Newquay! Here I am sat surrounded by all of my worldly possessions the evening before heading off to Boardmasters, and although yes this may be a little last minuet I thought I'd share some of my top packing tips with you all! These tips have seen me through plenty of drenched family camping trips, sunny festivities and hopefully Boardmasters tomorrow!!

A good ol' pair of wellies-
Other than an old pair of converse i shall be taking with me good old wellies because its typical English weather and you just never know ...and i mean who wants to be knee deep in mud with only a pair of flip flops to hand - no one! So il have my trusty Hunters and some old converse that I'm not too fussed about getting mucky! 

Dry shampoo/ Bun ring-
Need I even explain? With hair as thick and bushy as mine over a period of 4 days, it's bound to be left greasy, a little smelly - lovely i know. Dry shampoo and a bun ring are the only ways for me to keep looking relatively ok when it comes to those final dancing days. Just spruse your hair with a little batiste and whack it tidily into a bun rig - hey presto ready to rock!

Foods and nibbles-
Dry foods are always nice to have handy when curled up in a soggy field with a pang of hunger and a little hung over- think cereal bars,rice cakes, biscuits, crisps  and basically anything that won't look grim if neglected. And if you are uber camper friendly like me you can take a handy little camping stove to make tea to go with those biccies or some bacon in the morning ;) (all depending on what you are allowed to take into the venue of corse!)

Not the best clothes you own-
I like to pack things that I won't  mind getting a bit grubby/ruined/dropped/stolen etc- so think last minute trips to Primark, basics that can be replaced, and only a few staple statement pieces such as a kimono or some cheap accessories to jazz an outfit up! I have some bright patterned pieces to my board master wardrobe, but mostly its all comfy, all weather working, cheapy clothes from Primark. 

Something to keep you dry-
It's not an urban myth that it rains at festivals, and i have checked for my weekend, it appears that yes after months of glorious sunshine it will now down pour on the weekend of Boardmasters! Now i have made this mistake before, I've been to festivals without some form of coat and have always ended up with matted wet hair, shivering wishing i had just brought something! So if it be a poncho, rain mac or full on parker bring some water proofs you'l not regret it!

Fail safe loo roll/wet wipes-

Last but not least the obvious bits!
Tent, roll mat/ blow up bed (and pillow, dry ground is hard), sleeping bag, Money, ID, Poncho,  tights and leggings for night time (even in the summer, nights are way colder than you think when sleeping in a tent) and of course your festival tickets.

(Apologies for no pictures as this was all a mad rush i didn't have the time although when i return i shall add some in to pretty this post up!)

If your going to board masters or any other festivals let me know if this was handy and have a fab time! 

Madge x


  1. Lola is so cute!!!!!!!

    Over on my blog I am having a Real Techniques, YSL and Barry M giveaway


    1. Ahh thank you she's a little terror at times but she is beautiful! Thanks for the comment il head over and take a look!! :) xx